4 tips

Hey all! in this article i will give you some great tips that applies to everyone not just coders or web developers. Hope you enjoy them and thanks for reading this article and supporting me.

Be passionate about what you are doing

If you don’t care about what you are doing there is no point in doing it. You have to be passionate about what you are doing and care about doing it well.

analyze your work

In order to improve, you have to critially analyze your work everday with an objective mindset. When you’re about to make a desicion ALWAYS stop and think, “Is there any better way i can do this”. And often there is. But many of us end up running in auto-pilot and never acctually think about about what we are doing and don’t ask our selves these critical questions.

Making excuses is useless

“it’s broken”, “it can’t be done”. these Are excuses we often tell ourselves. Before you give up and bother someone else stop and think about if the excuse sounds reasonable, or if it is stupid. Run through the conversation in your head. think about how the other person is going to respond. Do you think they will ask you “Have you considered this, or tried that”. And think about how you will respond. Before you go bother someone else is there any thing else you can try?


Be mature and take responsibility. Do not blame your mistakes on someone or something else. If you take a risk, and you know the consequenses if it fails. That is a descicion you made. and you should take responsibilty for that mistake.


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