Is using a framework bad?

I’ve seen this question pop up on various websites and blogs. Here i’m going to address this question and say what i think about the idea of using frameworks. Thank you for reading this and supporting me 🙂

What is a framework?

In the most general sence a framework is a set of rules and or tools we use to guide and help us in the process of building something. This also holds true when we talk about a framework in the coding world. For example, angularJS helps us structure our websites in an efficient manner and also provides loads of other helpful features. So fundemantally, it helps us in the process of building something, in this case it is a website/web app.

So, should i use one

My answer this is both yes and no, let me explain. When i have been on development communities and scrolled through the problems people present. I see people answering with for example jQuery when the user was writing in plain javascript. What i mean by this is that a lot of people become so reliant on a framework that they forget the language the framework is operating on or even confuse it with the core language! Frameworks are wonderful tools. But it can be very damaging if you have no clue what’s going on behind the scenes. Because this makes you reliant on this given framework if you cannot recreate the effect needed without it. Most clients probably don’t want an extra file eating of the bandwidth because you don’t know how to make a simple grid system. So my answer is, it depends on what the clients needs. you should use it because it allows for faster development and suites the project, not because you do not know how to recreate the functionality you would find in this framework.


don’t get me wrong, i like frameworks. And i use them from time to time. but if you want to become a professional developer you should understand why the framework works the way it works. Well that is about it on what i think about frameworks. thank you for reading.


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