Topal Admission

Hi. We all want to excel at something. Whether it is painting, writing, math or in my case developing for the web. Ever since i was a little boy i was fascinated by technology. I loved tinkering around with it and just see what i could do with it. And didn’t only want to understand how i could use it. But why it works.


My love for technology and inventing
When we went traveling i brought a little notebook with me. I took notes and drew ideas and used the environment around me as inspiration. When i was 7 i came up with a hang glider like contraption that had thin solar panels mounted to the top of the wings. The energy obtained would then be used to power a small electrical motor. As unrealistic as it was it was great fun, and i haven’t lost that spark til this day.

So enough reminiscing, what about the admission
When i found out that programming and web development was a thing. I was ecstatic. I would sit for hours on end reading books and testing ideas, and i still do. The reason i want to join the toptal Web freelancers community is to explore a new platform where i can work with clients of all backgrounds and build my expertise and creativity. thank you if you read so far.



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